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About our products


We Make Our Ales:

Our colonial ales are produced according to the Colonial Laws under which a Brewer’s License was, once upon a time, granted. Historically, colonial ale consisted of the four ingredients the British Empire recognised for ale. These were: Malt, Hops, Water and Yeast. According to law, these ingredients had to be grown locally. Adhering to these rules, Captain Bligh’s uses only locally grown Tasmanian produce and uses recipes reminiscent of the era.


What’s Available:

HIPA (Hobart India Pale Ale)

Six Guinea (Pale Ale)

Huffcap (Stout)

Stride Wide (Australian Lager)

Shebrew (Porter)

Bluey(Ginger Beer)

Anneke (Red Ale)

The names have been carefully chosen to reflect both a bygone era and the methods used to produce the superb, rich flavours.

We also have limited supply of a Heritage cider, Captain Bligh’s Tasmanian Cider.

Also Available
is Captain Bligh’s unique Beer Jam. Steve has produced a delicious jam from his colonial ales. It’s currently available in IPA and Stout flavours. Lovely smeared on toast, mixed with yogurt or porridge, the jams are also a great accompaniment matched with cheese and served with crackers.