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Who we are


Who We Are:

A small brewery based in Hobart producing a range of colonial ales, a heritage cider and beer jams. Head brewer, owner and chief bottle washer, Steve Brooks has taken his love of ale and history and combined them to produce small batch specialty ales for Tasmanian drinkers.


Why We Exist:

To pay homage to Tasmania’s rich brewing history.


Why choose us:

We are an actual brewery. This means we brew weekly, our ales are always available, they’re fresh; our facilities are accessible to visit, wholesale customers are able to participate in the brewing process, and we will be here next week and the one after! The food (drink) miles are low. There’s a diversity of choice and the advantage of small batch rarity. We can produce ‘something special’ as a one off exclusive release. We’re also a genuine part of Tasmanian history, present and future.